The association currently includes about seventy members and volunteers who work all year in their free time devoted to the collection and selection of material for the market, which is usually held at the end of October to Baraccano.

The donations are not intended for market, the vintage is distributed free to the most vulnerable with the project REUSE FOR GOOD active from November 2014 at the headquarters of Via Savenella in Bologna on the third Saturday and the second Tuesday of every month from 9.00 to 13, 00.

This is the composition of our Board of Directors:

Veronica Veronese  –  President 
Leopolda Sassoli de ‘Bianchi  –  Vice 
Francesca Terzi  –  Treasurer 
Constance Filicori  –  Councillor 
Monica Magli  –  Councillor 
Maria Letizia Mazzanti  –  Director 
Carlotta Serrazanetti  –  Councillor